Art Exhibit on Display

An exhibit of Madhubani painting, a Northern India folk art, by local visual artist Sunanda Sahay is currently on display in the meeting room.

Sunanda Sahay is a well-known artist in Massachusetts who paints in a folk style called Mithila or Madhubani, an ancient tradition practiced in her home region in Northern India. Its heritage goes back at least 2,500 years, and has been kept alive by women who have passed their art to their daughters from one generation to the next. She has been painting for over a decade and has held exhibitions and workshops year after year at the Peabody Essex Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), National Heritage Museum (with Vision-Aid), Boston Children’s Museum, Fitchburg Art, Danforth Museum, Harvard University, Massachusetts College of Art, Lowell Folk Festival, Beacon Hill SOWA, Boston Mayor’s gallery etc. 

Sunanda’s paintings have received widespread attention and acclaim, including several juried shows, grants and awards by the Fitchburg Art Museum, Fay Chandler Award for the prestigious Mayor’s gallery, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Sunanda has also received the much coveted MCC Apprenticeship Award twice.