Art Exhibit on Display

An exhibit of vibrant and abstract drawings by local artist, Keith Becker, is on display in the meeting room at the Sargent Memorial Library through the month of August.

Local artist, Keith Becker, has his abstract drawings on display at the Sargent Memorial Library from now through the month of August.  Originally from the south shore of  Staten Island, Keith moved to Boston in the summer of 1977, just prior to the "Blizzard of 78".  He worked for a firm to assist in their transfer from old teletype communication equipment to an IBM Computer Based Systems.  He later studied for two years at Franklin Institute, gaining basic electricity, electronics and data communication skills.  Keith spent the next 38 years in the High-Tech Data Communications industry, and recently retired after spending the last eight years of his career designing video conferencing networks.  He has always enjoyed the arts and throughout his career, drawing was one of the things he never stopped doing.  Since retirement, he and his wife Mary Ellen have been working to get his art out into the open for all to enjoy.