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Korean Spirit and Culture Program

Korean.png#asset:643Korean Spirit and Culture Program, which takes place on April 27, Saturday at 11am, will start with the showing of a documentary about King Sejong the Great.  King Sejong the Great is a beloved and enlightened monarch of Korea in the 15th century.  His motto was, “The duty of a king is to love his people. That is all.”  In his reign, the king initiated numerous cultural and scientific inventions, including improving the movable metal type printing technology (originally invented in Korea 200 years before Gutenberg in Europe) and the invention of the Korean Alphabet Hangeul.  After the documentary, there will be a short conclusion talk, a Q and A period, and finally, a Korean lunch served in Bangjja, the traditional Korean bronzeware.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about Korean culture and taste authentic, delicious Korean food!