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Movie Monday

Mondays are for movies at the Library!

At 1pm, we show a movie for the general public, take a look below for the upcoming titles.

11/28 at 1 PM: Cyrano (2021)

Cyrano (2021) - IMDb 


Nobleman, military man, and poet Cyrano de Bergerac is secretly in love with Roxanne. However, his insecurity over his dwarf stature prevents him from professing his love, especially when Roxanne confesses that she's interested in Christian, a recruit. Elated that Roxanne would like a guy like him, Christian feels anxious about speaking to her. Cyrano agrees to ghostwrite love letters for him.

12/5 at 1 PM: Belfast (2021)

Belfast (2021) - IMDb


It is 1969 and 9-year-old Buddy finds his peaceful life disturbed as a national conflict is starting to brew in Northern Ireland: unionists and loyalists—mostly Protestants—want the country to remain within the United Kingdom, while nationalists and republicans—mostly Catholics—are campaigning for the country to join a united Ireland. As the tension between these two opposing forces escalates, he and his family must decide whether to stay, or move somewhere safe.

12/12 at 1 PM: Elvis (2022)

ELVIS Official Movie Trailer | Elvis Presley Official Site


The life of American music icon Elvis Presley, from his childhood to becoming a rock and movie star in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

12/19 at 1 PM: Elf (2003)

Elf (2003) - IMDb


After accidentally falling into Santa Claus' gift sack, a human baby is raised at the North Pole, growing up to believe he is an elf. Due to his large size, the "elf" causes chaos in Santa's workshop, forcing Kris Kringle to send him on a mission to find his human roots.


The library is closed in observance of Christmas. See you next year!