Events and Programs

Summer Reading 2022: Beyond the Beaten Path

We're going Beyond The Beaten Path! Summer is a great time for hiking, camping, experiencing nature, AND trying new things. We're going to do all of that and more! 

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Summer Reading officially begins on Saturday, June 25th!

Reading Logs for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens

Every week, log your reading to earn prizes and badges! For every reading badge, you get a pin, a prize, AND an entry in our end-of-summer raffle!

You can keep track of time spent reading OR the number of books read. Don't worry too much about exact numbers, this is just for fun! As long as you do some reading every week, you'll earn your badge.

Things that count as reading: books, magazines, audiobooks, read-a-longs, listening to someone read aloud, graphic novels, etc. We're not picky!

Toddlers' and Kids' Activity Badges

This year, there are badges for all kinds of activities. They aren't required, but we think they're a lot of fun! There are enough to do one activity a week during Summer Reading, or you can cram them all into one action-packed weekend. It's up to you! Activity badges will earn you a special pin.

Teen Rut Busters

If you're stuck in a rut and not sure what to read next, forge a new path with our Rut Buster Badges. Each category you finish will earn you a badge and a prize.

Teen and Adult Nature Journal Program

Artists, writers, scientists, poets, and nature lovers are all invited to participate in this summer-long program. We'll provide a journaling kit so you can create your own nature journal. There will also be weekly prompts on Beanstack to help inspire your entries. Not sure what Nature Journaling is, or how to do it? That's okay! We're also hosting two workshops to help you get started and keep going. If you would like to receive a Nature Journal Kit from the library, please fill out the form here:

Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Complete any four of the reading and/or activity badges to earn an ice cream coupon for the end of summer party, or complete all eight for a Sargent Library canvas bag! You also earn a pin for each badge you complete. (To complete all eight challenges, you'll need to participate in the Nature Journal Program.)