Welcome back!

We are, once again, fully opening our doors. 

Dear readers, it has been over a year since the public can enter the library freely without appointments. We are so grateful for your cooperation during the shutdown period. We were able to stay safe and continue to provide our services because of your support and collaboration. Starting Tuesday 6/1/2021, we will be opening our doors and removing the appointment requirement. As we welcome you back, we would like to ask that you continue to follow CDC's guideline about mask wearing, and please be thoughtful about it in the library as we service a large population of young children who are not yet able to be vaccinated. We would also like to remind everyone that we all have different risk tolerance levels. Let us respect each other's approach to the reopening, and let us all share the library's resources peacefully, congenially, and joyfully. 

Although patrons will be able to freely come into the building, we will continue our curbside/entry hall pickup services. If you wish to pick up your materials that way, log into your account and make an appointment as you do now. Thank you.