Sargent Memorial Library in Boxborough, MA, serves 5,500 town residents and people from surrounding areas. The Library connects deeply with the community and is committed to serve its needs. For example, during COVID, the Library quickly transitioned to curbside pickup services, provided book bundles, helped with food pantry collections, and eventually became one of the first libraries to reopen with safety measures. 

The development of a Strategic Plan allows the Library to do a comprehensive study of the community’s evolving needs and methodically plan for the future to ensure the Library’s resources are used effectively, with direction, and towards the most needed areas first. In January 2022, the Library embarked on a six-month process to develop a strategic plan for fiscal years 2023-2027, and here it is in its entirety. 

Sargent Memorial Library Strategic Plan for FY23-FY27


  • Appendix A – Sargent Memorial Library Community and Library Profile 2022
  • Appendix B – Community and Library Profile in Graphs 2022
  • Appendix C - Sargent Memorial Library Strategic Planning Project Process Flowchart for 2021-22
  • Appendix D - Sargent Memorial Library Community Vision Statements 2022
  • Appendix E - Sargent Memorial Library S.O.A.R Exercise Summary Results Report 2022
  • Appendix F - Sargent Memorial Library Community Focus Groups Summary Report 2022
  • Appendix G - Sargent Memorial Library Youth Focus Group 2022
  • Appendix H - Sargent Memorial Library Community Survey 2022