Art Exhibit on Display

Artwork by ABRHS freshman Mariana Maranga

Mariana Maranga, a freshman at A.B.R.H.S., has always been passionate about art. She draws inspiration from the world around her, her traveling experiences, and all the talented art teachers who have guided her throughout the years. Her art is also influenced by her emotions. “How I'm feeling may make me use big, bold brushstrokes if I'm feeling confident, or decide on a precision job f I'm in a quiet, observant mood. I often find myself making a portrait look more weary if I'm tired, or smiling wider if I'm happy.” Mariana believes that a trait of every artist is the ability to think outside the box, a useful problem-solving tool that she hopes to put to good use as she considers pursuing a career in science. Wherever life takes her, though, Mariana knows she will never stop creating art.